giclee printing and inks

giclee pronounced ‘jee-clay’ is derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt, spray" and was adopted in the early 1990s to describe the use of high resolution large format ink jet printers with fade resistant inks to make fine art digital prints

adapted from Giclée. (2006, June 5). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 07:19, June 26, 2006, from

Mutoh art printer Mutoh

our printer is a 42inch wide Mutoh which can print up to 1440dpi with 6 colour (CMYKcm) pigmented inks and we print on fine art quality canvas and watercolour media

giclee prints are direct reproductions of original art pieces or photos on canvas or watercolour

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canvas prints, varnish and gallery wraps

five trees

canvas media

we use Folex Canvas P - a traditional classic textured fine art cotton canvas, most suitable for canvas prints of photographs and painted styles

and Brilliance Chromata Canvas - a smoother textured, bright white polycotton canvas made without the use of optical brightening agents, most suitable for digital reproduction of high end photography and strong graphic images

together with the 6 colour (CMYKcm) pigmented inks, these canvases produce archival prints with superb image quality and colour contrast which will retain their true colour for many many years

both canvases are available up to 106cm (42ins) wide by 10m in length

further technical details on the canvases are available on request

giclee varnish

the canvas print is further enhanced by the application of at least two coats of giclee varnish which protects the picture against moisture and abrasion, enhances the colour and provides a further level of protection against fading

giclee varnish is available in satin, gloss and matt finishes

hanging fittings on stretched giclee canvas

stretched canvas ready to hang

the finished canvas is stretched around 1.8cm or 3.4cm deep custom made wooden frames, double giclee varnished, fitted with hanging cord and ready to hang

each stretcher frame is custom made for each canvas so you are not restricted to standard sizes

canvases over 80cm wide are strengthened with cross braces to prevent warping

as an alternative to hanging cord, plates can be fitted which slot over screws in the wall. This fixes the canvas more flush to the wall which is better for deep stretcher frames and gives a firmer fix in commercial areas where the pictures are liable to be knocked

canvas wraps - selection of styles

gallery wraps

all stretched canvases are ‘gallery wrapped’ such that no fixings are visible from the side and they do not require additional conventional framing

there is a wide choice of styles for the standard or deep gallery wrapped sides

most commonly, the image on the front of the canvas extends seamlessly around the edges

where this would take too much from the front of the picture, the image, or part of it, can usually be digitally extended for the wraps (1st and 2nd examples on left)

alternatives are plain sides or colours to complement the image

or, for painted styles, an artist's paint brush effect, overlapping the original straight edges of the image or fading out the image into the background, makes the picture look less like a print (3rd and 4th examples on left)

rolled giclee canvas

unstretched canvas

the printed canvas with a 2.5cm plain canvas border can also be supplied varnished but unstretched on a roll suitable for local stretching and framing

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wedding photo digitally edited

watercolour media

we print on Somerset Enhanced Velvet - a 100% cotton acid-free art paper which is made to archival standards using a traditional mould machine

it has a velvet textured finish and prints the ink into the paper giving a slight softness to the image which is ideal for producing prints to have the look and feel of an original watercolour painting

it is available up to 90cm wide by 10m and as A2 sheets

further technical specification of the paper is available on request

mounting and framing

watercolour prints are supplied unmounted and unframed

the paper is buffered to protect from atmospheric pollution but for display should be protected by glass or acrylic


(left) wedding photo digitally edited to produce a integral mount border suitable for display in a contemporary frameless acrylic frame

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section of Kyoto Heron a digital painting from a photo

digital photo painting

this is the process by which a photographic image is artistically rendered into a style that looks more like a contemporary painting than a photographic print

it is achieved using Adobe Photoshop digital imaging software and applying a mixture of filters, brushes and layers individually tailored to the specific artistic content of the photo in order to accentuate the important features

a variety of styles can be achieved including pen and ink, contemporary brush and cartoon

whilst a high resolution good quality photograph will ensure a good print, digital painting techniques can be used very effectively to enlarge lower resolution photographs to large sizes as long as the quality of defintion in the original photograph is good


A close up section of ‘Kyoto Heron’ available from our gallery

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image resolution

customise colour and size


the maximum practical size for a print is dependent on the resolution and quality of the original photo and whether or not the photo image is to be kept in a photographic style

for direct reproduction of a photograph on to canvas or watercolour, the image resolution at final size should be at least 100pixels per inch

eg a medium resolution 2048x1536 pixel image (3MB) should provide a print up to 20x15ins (50x37cms)

and a very high resolution 4288x2848 pixel image (12MB) will enable a print of around 42x28ins 106x70cms

a greater enlargement is possible if the image is of good quality or is to be rendered in an artistic style

we are always happy to offer specific advice

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copyright ©

professional photography

please note that the copyright of any photo image belongs to the original photographer and their express permission must be obtained before the photo image can be used for reproduction in any way

Art & Image Ltd reserves the right to refuse an order if there is any doubt about copyright ownership

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custom made boxes for artwork delivery

ordering and delivery


for customised prints from our gallery please use the gallery prints order/enquiry form

for prints from your photos and digital images please use the quotation request form

we will reply by email with a quotation


for direct reproduction prints and customised prints from our gallery, please allow approximately 2 weeks from order to delivery

for collages, montages and photo paintings, please allow a possible further 2 weeks

if you have a special date to meet eg birthday, please let us know

a small sample swatch will be posted to you for approval before the image is printed


where significant digital editing is required prior to printing, a deposit is due on order

otherwise, no payment is required until after approval of the posted sample or after order confirmation for standard gallery pictures

payment can be made by credit or debit card via Google Checkout or by cheque or online bank transfer

payment can also be made through Paypal but with a surcharge of 3.5%

we do not charge VAT


canvas orders and large watercolours are safely packed in custom-made hard boxes and despatched Monday to Thursday using a next day courier service

small watercolours are posted by Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery

all deliveries require a signature

we will confirm a delivery date with you before despatch

in the unlikely event of damage in transit, please let us know immediately so that we can pursue a claim with the couriers

delivery charges

for customers within a 10 mile radius of Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire or Windsor Berkshire or in central Oxford, delivery is free

for canvas prints up to 80x60cm or unstretched on a roll, delivery £10 within UK; larger sizes £15

for watercolour prints up to A3 size, delivery £8 within UK; larger prints £10

multiple canvas orders can usually be packaged up to 3 to a box to minimise delivery costs

for other and international deliveries, please contact us for a price

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